5 Ways to Create a Cozy Home in Minnesota

Oct 23,2017

Cozy Home in MinnesotaHome is where the heart is. Or as my wife says, home is where the dog is!

Whatever your family says, home is where you spend most of your time. You sleep there, you eat there, you read your favorite books, play with your kids and pets – all at home.

Each home has its own personality – even your home has a unique look, its very own smell, those squeaks and noises (apparently out of nowhere) and a “secret” junk room that you hide from even your closest of friends.

Just like your physical health can be improved by making a few tweaks here and there (better diet, a little exercise),  the comfort and health of your home can be greatly improved if you know what to look for.

Here are 5 ways to create a more cozy home in Minnesota year-round:

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6 Furnace Troubleshooting Tips to Ensure a Warm, Relaxing Turkey Day

Oct 23,2017

Furnace Troubleshooting Tips

The holiday turkey is almost ready, the football game is on and Uncle Jack is already asleep on the couch.

But wait – it feels chilly in here. Did someone leave a door open?

You have to be kidding! The furnace is out?! What a nightmare!

After shouting a PG-13 expletive, try these six furnace troubleshooting tips before calling your favorite heating company.

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3 Common Furnace Noises and What They Mean

Oct 23,2017

3-common-furnace-noisesYou know the old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”?

We all know our older household appliances still keep us cozy in more ways than one, and your furnace is no exception to that rule.

Just like a somewhat outdated cell phone, last year’s jeans or your trusty minivan, you can still get great results out of the old furnace – like keeping all 10 fingers and toes toasty warm during a cold Minnesota winter for example!

But what if your furnace SOUNDS broken? Here are some common furnace noises that should never be ignored:

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Fight the Freeze: How to Avoid Frozen Pipes in Minnesota This Winter

Oct 23,2017

Frozen Pipes in MinnesotaPicture this: Despite a recent cold snap throughout the state, you’ve decided to venture out for the day or a relaxing weekend away from home…

… Or maybe you’ve realized it’s time to get that inevitable holiday shopping over with and you’re preparing for what will seem like days of battling crowds and long lines.

(You remembered to pack food and water, right?)

In any case, as Minnesotans, we’re usually prepared for extreme winter weather. But when you return home, you’re not prepared for this – a pipe has burst!

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9 Quick Tips to Prepare for Holiday Guests

Oct 23,2017

prepare-for-holiday-guestsLet’s face it – we all experience some level of stress around this time of year. Decorating, shopping, cooking, traveling… no wonder you’re frazzled!

And if you’re planning on entertaining family and friends in the coming weeks, you’re probably even MORE stressed trying to get your home not just clean and tidy, but warm and welcoming as well. (Luckily, we’ve got you covered with making your home cozy year-round.)

Worried you’ll forget something important? Here are some quick tips on how to whip your home into shape and prepare for holiday guests:

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5 Benefits of Humidifiers and Why You Need One This Winter

Oct 23,2017

Home Humidifier This WinterWe know what you’re thinking: “I need a humidifier right now because…?

Unfortunately, there’s still a few more months of winter woes and bitter cold temperatures on the horizon.

(We could say that it’s just the “tip of the iceberg,” but we figured you’re probably hearing enough dad jokes over the holidays… You’re welcome.)

But let’s face it – winter’s dry air doesn’t exactly do your body a lot of favors. And while most of us don’t have the luxury of retreating south for the winter, a humidifier can help combat the effects this cold season has on your health AND home. Here are some benefits of humidifiers you should consider:

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A New Year’s Resolution that Sticks: How to Reduce Energy Costs in 2015

Oct 23,2017

Reduce Energy CostsThere’s nothing like a new year to inspire us to bring about new changes. Another year ending with another year about to begin can often encourage us to jump on the New Year’s resolution bandwagon.

Unfortunately, while many may set out to achieve goals in 2015 (lose weight, exercise more, quit smoking, save money, etc.), most of our resolutions are either abandoned or forgotten not long after we make them…

So why not take a different, more “green” approach this year by resolving to save money AND make your home more energy efficient?

Don’t be fooled by the cold Minnesota weather – you CAN reduce energy costs this winter without freezing in the process.

Now, repeat after me:

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